About Kathy Helm & Associates, Inc.

Kathy Helm & Associates, Inc. was established in 1989, by Kathy Helm after working six years with Humana as the lead designer for hospitals in the southeast region of the United States. Kathy Helm & Associates specializes in designing and furnishing interiors for hospital and health care organizations. Health care organizations encompass a broad array of functions from patient care to administration that require a diverse, creative, versatile design team. Providing designs that positively enhance the experience of people that interact with health care, whether as employees or as patients, Kathy Helm & Associates has a focused interest in enhancing human experience through its design.

Kathy Helm & Associates recognizes the unique culture of each organization in developing designs. Kathy Helm & Associates recognizes the limited nature of capital resources as well as the ongoing financial resources required whenever an organization makes a commitment to renovate existing facilities or construct new. Our challenge is to always create designs that dramatically improve human experiences while balancing capital resources and projected desired duration of the improvements.

If we can assist you with any of your interior design and / or office furniture needs please call @ (502) 561-9977, or e-mail us.